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Same-day Dentistry with CEREC® Technology

If you are pressed for time and want to avoid multiple appointments to receive a dental crown or veneers, Dr. Andrew Tran offers durable and lifelike restorations in one convenient office visit to patients at 5 Star Dentists. Whether you are looking for a quick restoration of a damaged or missing tooth before an important occasion, or you want to mask cosmetic flaws in just one appointment, CEREC® technology makes it possible to provide same-day dentistry services at our Houston and Sugar Land, TX, offices. 

A dentist utilizing CEREC® technology.
CEREC® technology makes it possible to provide same-day dentistry services

How Does CEREC® Same-day Technology Work?

CEREC®, or Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic, is a CAD/CAM (computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing) system which Dr. Tran uses for digital treatment planning and restoration manufacture in a single, convenient dental appointment. In addition to dental crowns and porcelain veneers, Dr. Tran also offers same-day ceramic inlays and onlays to restore a damaged tooth after cavity treatment.

The biggest advantage of CEREC® technology is that it allows patients to walk out after a one-hour appointment with a complete smile.

The biggest advantage of CEREC® technology is that it allows patients to walk out after a one-hour appointment with a complete smile, making dentistry fit easily in your busy schedule. Also, there is no need to wear temporary restorations when you choose same-day treatment.

Dr. Tran advises that CEREC® enabled crowns and porcelain veneers should be used if you are short on time and want a quick and convenient treatment. The traditional crowns and veneers provided at 5 Star Dentists may require additional visits, but offer exceptional, natural-looking results.

The CEREC® Procedure

Dr. Tran is certified at all CEREC® levels and can create durable crowns or veneers during your visit to 5 Star Dentists. To begin, your teeth will be prepared according to the treatment you need. If you are receiving same-day crowns, Dr. Tran may remove decay and build up the damaged tooth structure, as required, for strength to hold the crown. If you are receiving veneers, he will remove a minimal amount of dental enamel to make room for the ceramic veneers.

Next, Dr. Tran will take digital scans of your smile for precise planning. These images are used to design the restoration accurately using computer technology. Dr. Tran may also make any necessary adjustments at this stage. After your crown or veneer has been custom-designed, the information is sent electronically to the in-office milling machine, which manufactures your restoration while you wait.

The restoration is carved from a solid piece of porcelain and is customized to match your smile. After milling, Dr. Tran will examine the restoration to ensure a comfortable fit and place it securely, making any adjustments if necessary.

CEREC same day crown milling in action

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Given recent advances in dentistry, patients can now receive a restored smile after just one convenient appointment, making it easy to fit your dental needs into your schedule. Our in-office whitening system can also provide a finishing touch in just one visit. To schedule an appointment, or to ask a question about CEREC® same-day restoration services, call us at (832) 831-5417 or send us a message.

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