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White Dental Fillings: An Attractive Way to Restore Damaged Teeth 

Tooth decay plagues many individuals. If left untreated, cavities can worsen and leave you susceptible to further oral health issues. Dental fillings help restore damaged teeth, reinstate normal function, and improve the overall health of your smile. At 5 Star Dentists in Houston, TX, Dr. Gregory Pham and Dr. Andrew Tran offer tooth-colored composite fillings, which are matched to your smile for optimal results. 5 Star Dentists is comprised of a team of devoted cosmetic and restorative dentists and specialists with a combined 20 years of experience.

Illustration of a white dental filling.
A dental filling provides long-lasting restoration to a damaged tooth.

The Benefits of Dental Fillings

Dental fillings help to restore the function, structure, and functionality of a tooth. In addition, dental fillings can:

  • Prevent damage to the nerve of the tooth
  • Limit damage due to trauma, decay, dental cavities, and other factors
  • Help lower the amount of bacteria in the mouth
  • Avert tooth loss
  • Protect the remaining tooth structure from additional damage
  • Make it easier to brush, floss, and maintain teeth

The Best Candidates for Dental Fillings

The best time to place dental fillings is at the onset of tooth decay. Therefore, good candidates for this procedure are individuals who have mild to moderate damage. Patients with severely infected teeth may require additional treatments, such as root canal therapy or a dental crown, to fully restore health and function. It is of the utmost importance to reach out to a dental professional if you have tooth pain or notice any chips or fractures. 

At 5 Star Dentists, our doctors and dental team strive to deliver results that are both functional and attractive.

How the Dental Filling Procedure Works

A dental filling provides long-lasting restoration to a damaged tooth. Here are the general steps to this procedure:

  1. First, Dr. Pham or Dr. Tran will assess the problematic tooth and discuss your symptoms in detail.
  2. Next, we will use local anesthesia to numb the affected area.
  3. Using specialized instruments, we will remove the decay from the tooth and prepare the remaining structure for the filling.
  4. The void left behind will be filled with a high-grade dental material. While silver, or amalgam, fillings are still in use today, most dentists and patients prefer tooth-colored composite restorations for optimal aesthetics.
  5. Once the tooth is filled, the material will be shaped, molded, and hardened with a curing light.
  6. The tooth is then smoothed and polished to blend in with your smile.
  7. Lastly, Dr. Pham or Dr. Tran will check your bite and make any necessary final adjustments.

Placement of a dental filling can usually be completed in one office visit. The entire procedure takes about one to two hours.

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Living with chipped, cracked, painful, and decayed teeth not only impedes daily activities, but can be dangerous to your health and well-being. At 5 Star Dentists, our doctors and dental team understand this, and strive to deliver results that are both functional and attractive. In fact, Dr. Tran has completed many advanced training and certification programs in cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Dr. Pham is the only oral and implant surgeon in the Houston area with the distinction of postgraduate training that includes general surgery and neurological surgery. We accept most dental insurance plans, as well as CareCredit® financing to help patients with the payment of their dental procedures. Call (832) 831-5417 or send us a message today to schedule your appointment.

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